Lighting brings another dimension of life to your landscape that is not visible when it is dark. Simply put, it is literally the difference between night and day. Many people do not realize this until we consider that, throughout much of the year, we leave and return home from work or we entertain into the hours of darkness.

Outdoor lighting – it brings life to your landscape 365 days a year – trees full of leaves while entertaining on balmy, late summer nights, contrasted with the bold structure of snow covered branches and boughs welcoming visitors in winter. Visually speaking, spring and fall are fleetingly short but both have unique aspects we look forward to. From the waking of the garden and anticipation of outdoor activities to a dazzling array of colors and changes in the fall, much of these seasonal changes are not visible, straddling many hours of darkness. At these times of year, we are in a transitional period for daylight, our days are growing longer or shorter. Lighting makes more of all this natural beauty come to life longer.

Creating pockets of soft, magically glowing light on small, elemental details within the landscape while simultaneously delivering bold, upright and powerful displays bathing large trees and conifers, drawing out nuanced architectural details of your home while providing an overall,  welcoming backdrop to your property, these are the benefits of landscape lighting. Imagine the transformation when Natural By Design installs a well designed landscape lighting system that visually enhances your home and landscape, bringing your landscape out of the darkness through all seasons, all year long.